Hello world!

Dear readers, foodies, friends and followers,

Welcome to my very first blog, all about the worlds best (and worst) food, wines and spirits.

This blog is meant to share reviews and opinions of restaurants around the world, together with the quality of the staff, quality of the food, the atmosphere, pricing etc.

It is also meant as some kind of legacy to leave to my children. As my father had a real passion for food, he could share info about all the restaurants he has visited around the world, what he had eaten and what great wines he drank. Unfortunately, now after his death, I will never know where he has been and what restaurants you should visit before you die… So this way my children can always retrace my steps if they ever feel the need to.

Enjoy my blog and always feel free to comment on my opinion or upload your own reviews.

Kevin Sluyter


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vincent says:

    Very nice Kevin…looking forward to read all about the wines 😉

  2. I will keep you posted on all wines and take some pictures, and maybe even some bottles….

  3. Henry Koenen says:

    Where’s the review from the pizze that you eat by Antonio’s ? Hahaha

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