Oriental Plaza Schilde, Belgium (7 out of 10)

Just another quicky here, since I try to put on every restaurant visited from the beginning of this blog, it sometimes happens I forget one or two….

On the 13th of august, me and my wife came back from the horse races, don’t ask me why but I just wanted to go there for many years. On my way back I suddenly had a craving for sushi… So at 21.45 we made a stop at the Oriental Plaza in Schilde (near Antwerp, http://www.orientalplaza.be/).

I guess, coming in this late, they were not so happy, the always smiling Eastern people (do not want to generalize but aren’t they always smiling like they are high as a kite in these restaurants?) did not smile that much…

After getting our place I ordered some good Sake, then the menu came and you have a great option of all that is Eastern over here. Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, you name it, all very good. As the 2 people reading this blog know me, It was again to much to choose from! What to do? What to eat?

Ended up with the sushi I was dying for to start with and wife had her “love you longtime” favorite steamed dumplings.  Both just very good dishes, I had California rolls and as always I loved them.

Then we had our main dish, Chinese Peking duck for me with a sweet and sour pineapple sauce and a Japanese beef tenderloin with garlic sauce. My dish, since I don’t like duck, why the hell did I order it then, was a bit to mushy, I like it better when it has crispy skin and less fat. The sauce and rice were good as well. My wife’s dish was much better, very tender beef and a strong tasting dark garlic sauce, just so good! Also her fried rice was better, so I ended up eating here dish as well….

In the end just a very good restaurant with so much choice and a lot of great food. Price around €80 for the two of us so nothing wrong there. Only the interior could be a bit refreshed, but then again, isn’t every Chinese restaurant like that? By the way, when we left they were smiling the way I am used to see them….;-)


Score: 7 out of 10


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