Grill A&D Opatija, Croatia (6.5 out of 10)

Being tired of walking so many miles on my slippers over the past 2 days and having walked the Plitvice lakes, I did not feel much to go far from my hotel.

On the streets there are many signs to the A&D Grill, so I followed them to end up at a very nice place overlooking the bay of Opatija en Reijka in the distance. (, there is no official website so I’m using the FB page.

Sitting down it was obvious it was a typical tourist restaurant, menu in many languages and personnel speaking every language and greeting you at the entrance. It is nice to be greeted like that so no complaints! On the menu there are all the typical local foods such as fish and meat or fish and meat or fish and meat….. The very nice waiter asked me what I would like to drink and he was very social, I told him (what I normally never do) that I’m also writing this blog and he immediately introduced himself as a joke trying to influence me, and it worked 😉

I had a drink of Prirodna Voda (very sweet and not so strong) followed by one of my favorite digestives: Sljivovica Not the highest quality but good to get hungry. I ordered a mixed grill which is always okay with a mixed salad on the side. The meat was good and so was the salad, nothing special again but good for this kind of restaurant. Ordered a glass of red wine, which was local, and of extreme good quality, and for a price of €1,10 it was outstanding! To bad I only got a glass filled for a third…. The waiter was really quick on his serving and service and that scores many points. The mixed grill contained a “chevapcici”, or how they call it… a skewer of chicken meat, pork sausage and some pork fillet on the bone, grilled very good and with a delightful traditional and standard paprika sauce / pesto. Too bad this as well was a short portion, halfway through my meat the sauce was gone. Then I needed a second glass of that perfect wine and strange enough this second glass was served cold…?! Taste was so different, a real shame!

After having finished they also offered a complimentary drink (because I mentioned this site maybe>? don’t know) a nice strong pepper/grass tasting strong drink, but always okay when it’s free by me 🙂

Paid a total of €20 for the meal and drinks. Good price for the location and size of the food. Excellent staff and perfect view, I can recommend this to every tourist, not for every one else with a great expectation of real traditional food or high standard “cuisine”.

Only picture is from the view by daylight, better at night. How grilled meat looks you can figure out yourself….

Score: 6.5 out of 10


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