Fish house Tashkent (??? out of 10)

The Fish House in Tashkent Uzbekistan

Near the TV towers on the corner of hchsqjkhhcnk street, simply my Russian is to bad to explain correctly….

Just a quick review:

Did not understand the nice waitress, nobody speaks anything else then Uzbeki or Russian and I only speak all other languages…. 😉 So I just picked some lettres on the menu and hoped for the best…. And besides this I do know the word WODKA so I had fun anyway !

What did I eat? Some potato fish soup, a tin foil baked fish and some chocolate fudge pie… Which they bought for me across the street just to make the first tourist ever very happy !

SAM_2251 SAM_2252 SAM_2253 SAM_2254 SAM_2265 SAM_2266


SAM_2263 SAM_2260



In the end, after a bottle of Wodka, watching sexy young girls dance and paying around 300.000 for this meal, I can say this was maybe the best food of this week!

If you can find it, go there and bring a bag of money….

Points? I just do not know how to rate this…. somewhere between a 2 out of 10 before the Wodka and a 9 out of 10 after the Wodka… 🙂





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