Tropical Los Alcazares 8.1 out of 10

You won’t believe it, but I have just made the time to write about one of my favorite restaurants in Spain! I have visited this restaurant at least 6 – 7 time over the past 5 years. The very first time I remember I wasn’t shocked as much as I have been the last 3 times. This one keeps getting better and better and better. So I will keep going there and can advise anyone to do the same. Just look at their website:

What did I eat? Over all these years….?? Way too much to write down, and I just do not want to bore you….

So what do I remember:

  • Great Tuna tataki
  • Octopus filled with it’s own ink
  • Black pudding sandwich “special
  • Great “pintxios”
  • A skewer with bacon and banana, fort time ever my wife loved warm fruit in a savory dish…..!
  • A very special dish with Iberico ham, Foie gras, caramelized onions, egg plant, soft toast and a quail egg….. FUCK ME that was a dish to remember!
  • Grilled pineaple
  • Spanish beef Wellington
  • Slow roast Lamb in its own jus
  • And so so much more, just have a look at all the pictures. (sorry still for the worst quality ever (Huawei))

I will tell the good / bad points below as well as the score:

IMG_20160419_205809 IMG_20160419_210829 IMG_20160419_211856 IMG_20160419_211952 IMG_20160419_211958

Yes with Bananas !!! Great skewer!

IMG_20160419_212007 IMG_20160419_213410 SAM_3976 SAM_3978 SAM_3979 SAM_3980 SAM_3982 SAM_3988

One of the best wines for this price

SAM_3989 SAM_3991 SAM_3992 SAM_3993 SAM_3994

This is the one I still remember after all these years, what an unbelievable combo, FUCK ME! so great!

SAM_3996 SAM_3997 SAM_3998 SAM_4000

Just a few pictures over the years….


Good / Bad?

+++ Inside typical Spanish, but I always eat outside. There it is warm and cosy

+++ Always changing menu with so many options, maybe to much….?

+++ All staff is nice, they speak perfect Spanish (duh!) or English and even more!

—– Not that much, just some dishes are way less then others. There is a big variety of plates and styles



Food: I love about 80% of this menu, but the other 20% are way less, if you know what you like and and when you appreciate real original Spanish dishes, come here! I just had a few terrible dishes which I forget because of all the great ones 8.6 out of 10

Coziness: Inside so classic and boring (for the locals) and outside for me so much better (for the tourists and amateur food critics like me…..) Basic seating and surrounding so I guess the biggest working point 6.8 out of 10

Staff: Always nice and friendly in the restaurant, the ones behind the bar are there for a reason I guess…..a bit ignorant sometimes….. but for the good guys there 9 out of 10 !!!

Price: Not the cheapest but still better then Western Europe, 4 people + wine + coffee is around €150,- for me well worth it, for the average Local peasant….. not okay…. 7.7 out of 10

Overall a well deserved 8.1 out of 10



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