Rest. Alasha Almaty, Kazakhstan $

Yep, this is the place I ate my first anus…. or to say it in a better way, horse rectum, which basically is nothing more than the last part of the intestines, which they use to make sausages from… So it sounds terrible and dirty but in fact it is just horsemeat…

Went to this restaurant just outside of the city, close to the Royal Tulip Almaty, very authentic but still with some sauce of tourist trap over it. Maybe because of the music or the gorgeous dancers, don’t know. But the food was original for sure! Go and look for yourself for the real Kazakh experience!,76.9763464,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x38836f861580eb71:0xfbdb161bc482459d!2sRoyal+Tulip+Almaty!8m2!3d43.2031499!4d76.9778293!3m4!1s0x0:0x32e23e9f0b50843c!8m2!3d43.2021635!4d76.9762773

So what did I eat? Really wanted a skewer with lamb, or some middle Asia specific dish, lots of herbs, rice, meat and so on. But no no no, I am that idiot again, need to taste the specialty of the house. This means terrible food that all locals love but Europeans just do not understand 😦

So first I got to taste 2 types of meat, made of horse intestines and the rectum, which I liked better? Was like choosing between Pest or Cholera…. But okay, serve me all please. And for drinks? I always love Ayran, the Turkish drink they serve in that area, so Ayran please!

Damn this was like swallowing horse sperm…. thick and fat and not at all what to expect, halfway through I was full, before the 1st course came, sweating like pig, this will be a fight.

Quickly after that came the first course, dry meat with some onion…. sorry, I love all food but this just was too boring and maybe just too unknown?

So quickly on to the specialty of this area, Besh Bermack, which means 5 fingers when you translate. You should eat this with all your fingers and for each finger 1 piece of horsemeat. With soaked potatoes and a lot of horse fat… Everybody, all my customers said as a foodie try this! Well it was a real struggle…

Gained 30 pounds…. what a disappointment 😦

But then came all the dancers and local music. And where it is very corny at times and only for tourists, this show actually was lovely! So nice, great dance, naked chicks at my table…. If only I could take 2 or 3 home….hahaha (or back to the hotel). 1 full hour of real fun and personal touch, changing of cloths and just fun to watch, even for me, the one that hates this type of local proud…

This absolutely made my day and that is why it still deserves a $. When you are there, just visit but do not drive around searching for it. Enjoy!

Or look for a short video at:



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