Restaurant Victor, Bilbao Spain $$

After my last bad experience in Antwerp, this time I had a bit of a better experience. Was it so amazing? Nope, not at all…. was it is as good as my next post will be…. nope. (the next post will be of the best restaurant of last year…). But still, as this is my personal blog and my personal journey, they have the right to be on my site, simply because it was my first visit and first restaurant ever in the beautiful city of Bilbao.

restaurant Victor: based in the old town square, an amazing location and an amazing thought to know this specific restaurant is around since 1940 (!). than again my previous post was around since 1950…. so no guarantee on that part. Location is good, cosy feeling of the typical Basque buildings and city, look at the outside and inside of this restaurant:

Outside between the walls, and inside so typical and authentic with the pintxos on the counter and some tapas in the back. makes you want to sit down in between the locals. Unfortunately we went upstairs to the main restaurant, that is a bit more stiff and official. Being with my colleagues on this valentines day, which is strange to be with 2 male colleagues in stead of my own wife… (Diego & Patrick), I fully understand. Being alone I would have stayed downstairs for sure!

What did we eat and drink:

Chorizo as an amuse (you cannot go wrong with Chorizo….hahaha)

Stuffed Green pepper with mushrooms and prawns (very good and unusual combo)

Spanish Asparagus (not as good as the Flemish or even Dutch ones…)

Some typical fried snacks…. (but to heavy and plain to even show)

Cod 4 styles, chef’s style, pil pil, Biscayan style (loacal) and what I call fantasy…. (for me the biggest letdown of the evening, sauce of red peppers and tomato tasted burnt, 1st piece had burnt garlic on it that took over all taste and the fish itself had a strange and spongy structure. Somewhere between dried Bacalao and fresh cod…)

And we drank a small bottle of, for me new and very fresh, Ikus Gari

LOVE CHORIZO, and this one was so soft!

Biggest letdown of the night for me

Nice refreshing wine, lots of fruit and open nose

Look at them being proud to spend Valentine’s day with this famous food blogger…. hahahaha. We just had a good night out with amazing colleagues.

Fat asparagus! Smelled them 2 days after….(OOPS)

One of the best starting dishes, stuffed green pepper with prawns and mushrooms in a warm paprika cream sauce and roasted sesame seeds.

In the end a nice location, a bit of past glory and a menu that has some great assets as well as some letdowns. A typical Tuesday-night type of restaurant in my opinion. Local Basque food with a twist. Good service, mice people, big menu, nice views. Just good, nothing special.

So a well deserved $$












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