Restaurant Mousson Michalovce, Slovakia (6 out of 10)

Staying in beautiful Michalovce, Slovakia. Well known for being the birthplace of Michaelangelo…..nah, just kidding, well known for nothing, or maybe the ugly women, ugly houses and the clean air…

Driving around the city there wasn’t much that looked like a real good restaurant to me, so I decided on the hotel restaurant. ( Just as the hotel, the restaurant looks very sharp, modern and with good lighting.

After taking my place in this almost empty restaurant, I see that the staff is young and far from professional. As they were laughing from behind the bar it gives you real good comfort sitting down… Had to ask for the menu, and there was none, probably because there were no guests as well…. tonight was BBQ night. Choose from some basic meat products or prawns. So I have chosen the pork fillet and a chicken with onions skewer and a veggie skewer as well for the very important vitamins. Had a glass of red house wine costing €1,5 (while a bottle started at €14.50…??!!), and overall, again, had a descent dinner. nothing special.

As a dessert there was the Mousson special, which was a nice little pie with chocolate, banana, coco, biscuit and some syrup. Not to heavy and a good taste to finish. It definitely helped to get the taste of frozen French fries baked in old oil to get out of my mind and mouth…

Still better then staying hungry and for €24 total it was acceptable.

Score: 6 out of 10


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