Restauracja Panorama Nowy Sacz Poland (8 out of 10)

Being in the beautiful hills of Southern Poland, I was staying in the village of Nowy Sacz. Having a nice city center and a good choice of restaurants, including many Kebab restaurants, like in the rest of Europe. Not sure what to choose, I asked 2 local girls, who accidentally were walking around, if they could help me and suggest any restaurant. After some thinking and translation, they decided I really needed to go to restaurant Panorama. ( They would walk me there because it’s hard to find. Arriving at this restaurant, you immediately understand why they use the name Panorama…. what a great view over the river and hills!

Being the only one in this restaurant, the service was perfect, getting a menu within 2 minutes and ordering my favorite Polish Vodka, Zubrowka. Many, many many choices to be made, about 70 dishes on his menu! Long and hard decision to be made, having trouble choosing… Okay, let’s start with the black Caviar with onions and as a main course do the chef’s special.

Together with my second Vodka the caviar was good. It was a cheap caviar but with the fresh onions and Vodka it tasted like the Dutch herring with onions, which occasionally is good as well.

After this typical dish, still being the only guest, the chef’s special followed quickly. It was a combination of meat, potato, meat, potato, meat, potato and a bit of salad on the side….. heavy stuff!!!

Frozen and fries potato balls, boiled potatoes with dill, Cordon Bleu with Polish ham and cheese, Pig fillet and Polish stew onto one plate with a thick and sticky gravy and 4 kinds of sweet and sour salad on the side. Such a typical Polish heavy dish, being a big eater not imposible but quiet a challenge!

And it tasted great! Good flavors sour salad to balance everything and creamy boiled potatoes, all just a good Thursday eve meal! Ordered a glass of red wine, it was a young one from Chile, nothing special to talk about but good enough to order a second glass…

With the sundown in the back, a full stomach and being a bit tipsy, I had a fine meal at this restaurant. Asked for the check and was astonished about what I had to pay, a full €17…!!! I would have paid that for just the view.. Gave him a €3 tip and he almost fell to his knees thanking me that his kids could finally go to college now….he was so grateful, made me happy!

So once again, it’s safe to go there and they score a good 7 out of 10 for the meal and a 9 out of 10 for the view and a 10 out of 10 for the price and staff….well maybe better a 9.8 out of 10 because he needed some deodorant….


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