Restaurant @ Hotel Aristos Zagreb, Croatia (7.5 out of 10)

Just a quick post now. Since I will not be starting to write a review on every lunch I have, I do feel I need to show this quick one. By the way, I will not be starting with breakfast or late-night snacks or anything other then just regular dinner…

But in this case just a small review. Because I was driving around the city, on my way back to the airport, it was so hard to find a proper lunch place, only bars or pubs but no descent lunch. I ended up near the airport at my old hotel Aristos. The very nice man working there was extremely friendly, just felt so welcome it was great. The restaurant was half full (or half empty for you negative people….) and I ordered a nice black currant juice (yes, sometimes I drink something else then alcohol….). He brought me the menu and a lot of high quality choices there. I had just the perfect pig tenderloin, it was knot, or braid in a special way which made it look very appetizing. It was accompanied with crispy rosemary potatoes and a creamy tasty spicy mustard sauce.

This nice lunch in a very good 4**** hotel for just €10.40 so if you are ever near the airport looking for a lunch, go there!


Scores a 7.5 out of 10


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