Radisson boat cruise diner Moscow (7.5 out of 10)

On Saturday, the same kind people were so nice to treat me to a second dinner, this time on a boat…and normally eating was not meant to do on a boat because it is just for tourists or otherwise you will be getting to sick by the movement that what you eat never stays in… But I was wrong once this trip, why not 2 times?

Going to the boat tour of the Radisson Ukrain hotel, best in town as they say, I was getting more and more afraid. But the boat looked good, so let’s start.

The view from the boat back to the hotel was just as good!

And so was the interior, okay very tacky typical Russian but expected worse.

Good company that already seem to know me, and they ordered a small bottle of local Vodka, just for me, so kind, so nice, best way to start a dinner.

First they ordered us some Italian starters, containg meat, cheese and fruit. All fresh all good tasting not Russian, but I love Italian so perfect.

Then came a nice Italian Salad Caprese:

After this I had a big choice, grilled, battered spiced chicken looked best on the menu, and hell it looked so much better on the menu then in real life after they brought it up after 6 minutes (still waiting for the cheese to pass)…

Yes, this was it, look at the nice potatoes underneath….. wow, how terrible that was. Dry and boney, skin was reasonable, but this was not what I expected at all….

After this I passed on the dessert and just helped my wonderful customers on finishing their wine, that was good and maybe best way to finish, especially with this view:

In the end the view of the city was worth everything!

Total score: food 5.5/10 experience 10/10


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