Restaurant Salamis Larnaca (6.5 out of 10)

My first night of the week in beautiful Larnaca, I was searching for a place to eat pretty late at night. I first had to pick up my friend Florin from the airport and by the time we were on our way it was around 22.30

Since the hotel restaurant was already closed we had to search for a place in the city, knowing Larnaca this should not be a big challenge. Getting into the car we drove for 2 minutes to see the biggest flashy Las Vegas kind of sign, shouting: Steakhouse. Both tired of the day we thought lets go crazy and go there also both knowing that how bigger the sign the worse the food will be…

Approaching the restaurant after parking the car, we thought we heard a cat being killed inside, afraid that was what they served we stepped inside to find out it was some kind of karaoke bar as well. Meaning that some old and fat British 2-timer was trying to attract man with her sweet sweet voice. And in a way it worked because we just arrived, ready to leave again. The nice waiter rushed to us and told us we could sit anywhere we would like, still being tired we excepted the surrounding sound and give the place an honest chance.

We ordered, as always, a small bottle of ouzo and a big bottle of water (or was it the other way around? Can’t remember….;-). We started with some different dips and pitta bread, dips consisting chikean pea mash, the fishy type of turtuma or something like that, Tzatziki, olives etc. Also we got some extra bread with butter…the fact that the bread was old and the butter cups inside already opened and even 1 empty, made clear we just got the leftover basket from a former table, OMFG how is that still possible? Okay I’m a bit used to luxury and service but still I hate when that happens! To be honest the dips were pretty good and after settling in, we can say we enjoyed ourselves.

IMG00195-20120917-2229.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

With a bottle of my Retsina, the best Greek wine in the world, our evening was getting better and better. My friend ordered some red mullet and for me a grilled steak of the house with a sauce which contained everything from brandy to peppers and mushrooms. Still enjoying the mix of music and the mix of liquor and food and some nice discussions, with 27 degrees at 23.00 you should understand there is nothing better then this in life.

IMG00196-20120917-2255.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

After this food we had to finish with some coffee and Metaxa 7*, with a complementary baklava (my all-time favorite dessert) so I was feeling GOOD 🙂

After this we also got some plum brandy of 45☼ just to get some extra tips I guess… Staff was nice, food was reasonable, drinks were plenty and weather and company just perfect. So if you like singing or hear cats try to sing, go here. For a tourist trap a more then descent place and it is safe to go!

Overall score: 6.5 out of 10


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