Restaurant Stoy Kyriaku (you write Etoy Kypiakoy in Greek) Nicosia (8.5 out of 10)

Located between Panama street and Paleologgou street this was a Tavern that I would never have found in my own. It was a high class typical Cypriotic tavern and we were brought here by our friend and customer Panayiotis. With a party of 5, all men, we were ready for a real traditional feeding frenzy. Sitting outside but under a cover and some wine trees on the side, you did not notice to be right in the middle of Nicosia. It was warm as ever but with enough wind to enjoy your stay. It looked a bit more high class as well the the most Cypriotic restaurants.

Since we were treated by our customer we had nothing to say about what to eat, so logically the came up with the traditional Mezze. Like Tapas in Spain, you eat as many different varieties of local products on small plates as possible. And they warned me to take it slow, but since this is not my first visit to Cyprus I knew already.

IMG00198-20120918-2026.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

We started of with some basics, some yoghurt with mint and lemon, some sesame paste, some pitta bread, pizza toast, salad and some other dips and olives. Quickly followed by so many things I can hardly remember, grilled Halloumi (YAMMIE!), fried zucchini, local spinach type of stewed vegetable, macaroni and cheese, grilled mushrooms, egg plant is special batter, and some small sausages.

Then a full series of animals with cow liver, chicken kebabs, dark sausages, grilled pork, gyros, Turkey skewers, beef loins and what more…. To much to handle. All went down with a smile, drizzled with some fresh lemon and yoghurt on the side, this was my kind of dinner party. Afterwards I didn’t enjoy any other meal again and was full for 3 more days to come. And the I did not mention the dessert with local cinnamon pastry and fresh fruit, and then I wonder why I can’t get below a 100kg…. I would love to say look at all the nice pictures, but it was so good, I only had time to take a picture of an empty plate….

IMG00201-20120918-2104.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

This all accompanied with a very good local Merlot and very nice people, I have had an evening to remember. If you can find the place, go there!

Overall score: 8.5 out of 10


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