Restaurant Taverna pappi be frontara conti da Bamboo Nicosia (5.5 out of 10)

I know, writing a review about a restaurant you should at least remember the name correctly… so many people told me in Greek and it sounded like the above part and surely began with tavern and ended with bamboo…. The address I know, it is athenon 35 in Nicosia (or Lefkosia as they also call it).

I went here with my good Romanian friend Florin, with who I also was at my first restaurant on this site in Bucharest., Romania. We just wanted to get some food in after a long day. This restaurant was suggested by one of my clients in Cyprus. It was a typical tavern as there are so so so so many to find. It looked very cosy and with temperatures still around 30 degrees, outside it was just perfect. Some wind in our hair and some food on our plates.

We ordered some Greek salad and an egg salad to start only to find out they were out of eggs. So just a Greek salad then. Also as a side dish I ordered some Tzatziki and spiced feta with Pitta bread. The salad came quick and was fresh and real rich, we ordered for one but could easily feed a full family with it..!! The tzatziki was a bit flat, I love it stronger with lots of garlic and the feta was good. After this we should have stopped but we were stupid enough to order marinated and grilled chicken kebab…with fries….why oh why did we do that… The taste of the chicken was great but it was as dry as my grandmothers……..

After selling, showing and eating chocolates all day, the 2 kilo of chicken was just too much to handle. Luckily my friend Florin is such a big cat lover that he soon got all the cats in the neighborhood warned there was leftover chicken. So we did our good deed and kept the local cat population at a high level…

In the end, not a bad restaurant, good staff and a nice menu but we just could not enjoy it anymore With a bill of €41 including water and a small bottle of ouzo it was just fine again.

overall score: 5.5 out of 10


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