Restaurant Isabella Larnaca (4 out of 10)

Isabella in Pyla, Larnaca

Being tired after all the travel and visiting so many restaurants over the past few days I didn’t want to go out searching for the prefect restaurant. I just wanted some food close to the hotel. Staying at Sandy beach Spa resort on Dhekalia road there was more than enough to choose from nearby. A few months ago when staying at Lordos beach hotel I remembered going to restaurant Lycia in the same street. This is just 500 meters away from these 2 hotels (which are right next to each other), but was too far for me today. When you ever are nearby, go to that restaurant, it is great as I remember and I regret not going there today…

IMG00215-20120920-2033.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

Isabella is just one of the many taverns with traditional food in this street and you can choose from 50+ restaurants in this area, I picked this one because it was quiet and they showed some soccer on TV.

The very nice old owner/waiter greeted me in a very nice way and gave me the menu. Still being stuffed from the earlier food, I decided to have a light dinner….starting with grilled Halloumi, the national cheese of Cyprus. For me this is always a good dish, together with some ouzo it all goes down quick. The plate looked like shit, with some sliced tomato and cucumber but the taste was good. Ripe tomatoes with this cheese are just fine.

IMG00216-20120920-2044.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

After that I had a very untraditional dish, because I have had so much grilled meat over the last few days, I ordered a pizza. It was topped with pineapple, Paphos sausage, local cheese close to feta and some olives. I don’t know why I ordered it because I was looking for a light dinner and not a pizza with so much cheese…sometimes I just can’t help myself…

IMG00217-20120920-2059.jpg weergeven in diavoorstelling

The pizza was pretty terrible with a strange bottom, way to less topping and all grilled cheese on top, maybe when I was born in the United States I would have loved it. Washed it all down with some cheap and ice cold red wine. With a check of around €20,- I should not complain but I won’t go down there again.

Score: 4 out of 10


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