TGI Fridays Prague (yes really!) (8 out of 10)

Yes dear reader, it is true. Having been to literally thousands of restaurants in my life, I am still a big fan of TGI’s !!! Normally I do not post any franchise on here or even go there, but sometimes I make an exception and that is for this chain of restaurants.

I just love the American interior, the always friendly staff and the menu is just good for a basic hunger of steak, burgers or Mexican food. So don’t blame me for sometimes loving this.


On the menu you have things as Jack Daniels battered chicken with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, or full Mexican hamburger with Guacamole and red onions etc. Also great steaks or fajitas or wraps or salads, all good, trust me. Even the cocktails are good and fast but since the was a liquor problem in the Czech Republic, only a few were available, I ordered some specialty of the house with Gin and Vodka and pineapple juice,  tasty !


To go with this cocktail I had chicken fingers in a Mexican spiced batter with sweet BBQ sauce, and that is so finger-licking good, a bit too much for just a starter but I could easily finish 2 plates! Go there and tastes this, perfect apetiser!



Reading my previous blogs, I notice that almost every time I’m stuffed or eat too much, something to work on maybe. This time exactly the same, could not stop with the fingers…

And the came the old school USA burger with 300 gram prime beef burger, bacon, onions, cheese and fresh fries, just needed a milkshake and I would be back in the 1960’s of the USA…


No dessert again after this…

And let me be honest, every time I go here, they score a solid 8 out of 10, no matter what country or city, franchise working at its best!


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