Restaurant Kolkovna Prague (7.5 out of 10)

This restaurant was chosen by my dear friend and customer Ladislav.

The Restaurant has a few locations around the city of Prague and it’s well known for being a typical beer restaurant. And that is exactly what you see when you enter, a big beer kettle in the center of the restaurant:

It was very crouded and they asked us to wait outside till a table was ready, with about 80 to a 100 couverts, this was pretty surprising on a Tuesday night. Luckily it did not take to long.

The menu followed shortly, together with some 0,5 liter mugs of the best pilsener beer they had (since pilsener comes from the Czech region of Pilzen, they are very proud of it), and I’m not a beer drinker at all, but this was obligatory. The menu had some interesting and mostly local and traditional food on it, what would you take?


In the end we did not have to choose for our selves since my friend ordered us his favorites and the dishes that would fit the beer best, since I trust him, let’s go!

He started with a combination of different kinds of meat, pork, beef and veal, as well as some cheese and pickled greens. good, bit sour and bit basic, but honest food:


With this kind of food you immediately understand what kind of evening it is gonna be, while the next big mug was coming the soup came with it…. it tasted as it looks, strong, basic with a lot of herbs, meat and potatoes in the soup. Not bad but especially the broth was of good quality, but all very basic and pure typical Eastern European food.


With this kind of soup you don’t need a main course so I decided not to finish, I also knew what was coming so I spared myself. Next course was a lamb leg.

And it was even better as it looks here! Such a tender meat, hmmmm like sucking the baby lamb straight out from the grassy fields some where… came of the bone by just looking at it and that gravy of lamb, wow! Together with the wild spinach and even better truffel risotto balls (Dutch bitterballs) it was a meal to remember. I was planning to burn this restaurant down but after this and a 3rd beer all I could do was smile and be happy.


In the end the people were nice, the place was clean and that lamb saved the day, overall score of 7.5 out of 10









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