Sandal Restaurant Istanbul (7 out of 10)

Yep, I’m aware of it, a name like Sandal for a Restaurant can’t be good because the meat probably tastes like a…..

But whenever in Istanbul, please go to this street, since it is the most cozy restaurant street in all of Istanbul called Kumkapi street.


Yes it is crowded but mostly by locals or smarter tourists and it is fun out there! The best part, almost like driving up to Las Vegas, is that you are walking in a grey area of Istanbul where there is nothing to see, and all of a sudden you turn a corner to come into this very lively street with music and dancing. It is so well hidden that when you are not searching like I was, it is such a nice surprise.

Nice waiter, nice upper table to oversee the crowd and nice bottle of raki….


Had some mixed starters with a special note to the grilled battered eggplant with a good garlic sauce. Good and enjoyed it for days to come… also a good salad like the Greek Tzatziki also with the same garlic, love it!


After this a great zander fillet, grilled strongly with some fresh lemon a real honest dish (and with that bottle of Raki it was getting better by the bite).



After this I was surprised by a complimentary dessert. Something new to me and totally my thing. Fresh almond dough with sugar (like the Dutch amandelspijs) but scooped in a ball with fresh grapes and Raki…. Good way to finish!


Had a good descent meal, sharp price, nice waiter, perfect table and enough Raki. Good time and an honest score of 7 out of 10

And on the way I saw this guy standing there, made you feel happy instantly:






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