Istanbul by night boat and dinner tour (1 out of 10)

I’m going to be as short as possible about this Istanbul by night boat tour. Everybody warned me not to go to this worst tourist trap in the world, but stubborn as I am I wanted to see Istanbul by night!

So I called 4 or 5 tour operators telling them that I wanted a NON-commercial boat tour with good food and no tourist food or idiot tourist show !!! Finally found 1 who promised a slow tour with only great food and perfect views.

And frankly, I got fucked. Waiting 2 hours in a tourist bus to go to a tourist boat, pay a tourist price to see a tourist show and eat tourist food, with 50 Russian tourists who ate all the terrible food before I could even take a picture…. Wine from a carton box and then these tourist shows with ugly belly dancing or terrible magicians, please make it STOP…

Do me a favor, when you want to take a tour, go by regular transport (costs 2 euro), stop at a restaurant and eat there. Never ever go on a commercial boat tour, it sucks.

Except from the view…: Scores a 1 out of 10 in my book !


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