Hotel / restaurant Premier Aqua Vrdnik (6.5 out of 10)

Staying at thin new and luxurious 5***** hotel in the middle of nowhere…. Since I was back on my way from Zagreb to Belgrade, this seemed to be the perfect resting place. I don’t know why someone is putting up such a hotel in such a place but they probably have thought about it…. And it seems there is a natural Spa nearby as well so that must have something to do with it as well….

Being in the worst state of mind because, believe it or not, I’m on a diet….!!!! NNNOOOOOO, but really, need to lose som 20+kilo’s so this blog will be getting thinner as well…

Meaning no alcohol and no fat food, burgers, pasta or potatoes for a while, so this will be tough!

Luckily, at a luxurious hotel like this, they are very willing to help my special needs and since there were not so many people for dinner…..(yes, all alone), they were more then happy with some special request!

So I asked the student waiter, who was circling me like a buzzard, if he could arrange a meal of just grilled or steamed vegetables and maybe some none fried fish, so regular cooked or smoked or steamed.

And then the chef came to my table with the suggestion of grilled tuna and a ratatouille of grilled vegetables, Yummie, sounds good after a week of eating just powdered soups and shakes….

And he seemed happy to have 1 customer so it was 1 big happy family…

Now to be honest I do not know if it tasted so good because this was the first solid food after so long, or just because it was that good, but I loved it. Fresh fish, fresh lemon and fresh vegetables. Too bad that was all I had for the coming 24 hours…

Together with tomato/onion salad all very tasty, and my pictures are getting better as well… 🙂

Overall score is 6.5 out of 10, minus 2 because they just served 1 course and minus 1.5 because of the down syndrome waiter that was eyeballing me all the time…



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