Hotel / Restaurant Bali Paradizo Belgrade (7.5 out of 10)

Being in beautiful Belgrade and staying at a pretty cheap porn hotel, you know the kind, with bamboo beds and a sexy receptionist at the door…. I was only there because it was close to my next appointment.

And being outside of the city, not willing to travel at night after a long day a took the guess to try the very good looking restaurant at the back of this hotel… it felt like Russian roulette….


And sorry for the terrible pictures, forgot my camera…

The restaurant looks and so important, smells really nice. You feel like being in Bangkok, or Bali. No traffic sounds and surrounded by bamboo and traditional houses.

The nice and professional waiter gave me a “private house” and asked what he could do for me. I explained the terrible diet that I am trying to follow and he raced of and was back just as quick with a good solution. We will make you an enormous bowl of rabbit food…and then some fresh balsamic vegetables and smoked trout fillet. Sounds good so let it come…

The bowl of salad could easily feed a full family of rabbits, and probably some locals as well….


But it was fresh and strange enough when you are on such a strict diet, this might have been enough for the night. That was just no option when I smelled the trout coming quickly after. 3 nice big fillets of fresh smoked trout, you could smell the wood and charcoal on the fish and my mouth started dripping.

It came of the bone and was shiny tender meat underneath the darkened skin, it took all of the taste in and still had that particular taste as trout should have. And then the vegetables on the side, first grilled and then into a wok pan with some balsamic vinegar giving it a nice sweet glaze and on top of that some sesame seeds which had a surprising effect. It was a good dish and I never knew live without meat could be this good.


In the end it was very reasonably prized, big portions, good surroundings, nice waiter and good food. Can not give anything other then a 7.5 out of 10 !


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