Restaurant Chinastar in Creil (5.5 out of 10)

Okay I started with Eastern Europe reviews but occasionally I am in ugly countries such as France as well…. I will soon be using someone to write reviews in the Western part I think….

That aint even the worst part, the fact that it was a Chinese restaurant should be the limit…. But you never know, maybe, just maybe someone wants to go to the place Creil and that someone has a craving for Chinese food and that someone is reading my blog and wants to know if it is decent, then this is the right place…. I know more chance in winning the lottery….

Let me keep it short, we went to this place:

89 Rue de la République 60100 Creil Frankrijk‎ +33 3 44 64 02 68

I wanted to go Italian, Lebanese or just French, my colleagues wanted Chinese……NNNOOOOOO !!!! And that is not the worst part, they wanted the buffet NNNNNOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! again….

They won.

Now I have to be honest, it was not too bad, big mix of Asian cuisine including Dim Sum, Sushi (always smart on a Tuesday on a buffet in a Chinese restaurant….), Mandarin and Cantonese kitchen and some indonesian rice and chicken as well.

It will never be really fresh and half of all plates were burned and sticking to the bottom but the bits you could scrape of the buffet were  good. One thing I should highlight the caramel chicken. One dish I took 3 times because it was so good, chicken with a sweet caramel sauce, hinge of orange and typical 5herb Chinese powder on top, really good. That is why in stead of giving it a 3 or a 4 they deserve a honest 5.5 out of 10 (and maybe a bit because they served a Long Island Ice Tea…)

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  1. Kelly says:

    How can you ever rate an ‘all-you-can eat’ restaurant with a 6,5 out of 10, when you’re talking ’bout burned and sticky food, which is not fresh? A little strange, perhaps your palais was infected by something?

    1. A honest 5.5 because of that chicken and the LIIT….

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