Il Gambero Rosso Westmalle 2nd visit (8.9 out of 10)

Had the luck to come back to one of my favorite restaurants and test them again to see if the quality is still the same or even better then last time.


I was here with some guests and the greeting is always warm and traditional, fresh lobsters staring at you when you enter and the owner (or wife of the owner) giving you your table. Always some people over here, never empty and I know why.

Had a nice opening drink, my guests drinking an Aperol Spritz and for me a Ricard. quickly getting the menu as well, glad to see they changed the suggestions once more to typical dishes for the fall. I think they change it every 2 to 3 months. Suggestions such as venison carpaccio with foie gras, grilled scallops with funghi porcini and pumpkin sauce (mine!) or fresh ravioli with deer and cranberry sauce or “artists pasta” with 4 kinds of winter pasta with 4 winter sauces or fresh partridge alla boscaiola with fresh pasta….hmmmm.

First came a basket of bread:


Looks good doesnt it? tasted better, trust me!

Then came the Bruschetta for my guests and my scallops:


The Bruschetta being so rich with garlic pesto, fresh Parmesan, tasty tomatoes just Bruschetta as it should always be, for me the scallops grilled nice, soft on the inside, nice and glazy as well. Creamy soft pumpkin sauce and the funghi as a nice complementary part. Only thing is that is was really “haute cuisine” so small portion for a big price.

We drank a nice glass of suggestion wine of the month which was a Sicilian….. (sorry forgot the name).

Perfect timing for the next dish, not to quick not to slow:


Both guests had the recommended pasta “Il Gambero Rosso” we had it last time (see previous review), and the were very happy. Fresh pasta, fresh seafood and strong lobster sauce, they seemed happy.

The third one had the nice winter risotto with fresh mushrooms and truffle and truffle oil, as I was told it was just perfect balanced. Creamy with a small bite with a fresh truffle taste without being dominant to the rest of the dish.

Mine was the partridge alla Boscaiola. Heavy sauce with the bacon / pancetta – peas – cream sauce together with 4 big pieces of the partridge, 2 legs and 2 fillets and then the fresh linguine, some pumpkin sauce (different then the starter), a second sauce that was hard to clarify, sweet and salty with a taste of saffron.  A lovely sweet cooked pear with cinnamon and red wine and some deep fried battered  risotto ball. Big heavy dish but good again, they never really disappoint me here, except the partridge was slightly overcooked and just to dry for me…

And believe it or not, after this I was craving for some dessert to go with the cappuccino and Limoncello… The rest was done for the night, I needed something sweet to finish:


Yes I know it, talked about a diet some months ago……and POOF it’s gone…. could not resist myself and went for the biggest dessert I think. Fresh “profiterolles”.

Good chocolate sauce (I should know by now…), fresh whipped cream, calorie bomb !!!

Just all to good to complain afterwards and they could roll me down the hill…

Just a picture I saw on there site for dessert next time:




Service: 9

Food: 9.5

Coziness: 8.7

Price: 8.2

Overall a very good 8.9 out of 10



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