Restaurant Luigi Ljubljana (4,2 out of 10)

My first night out in beloved Ljubljana. Funny is that my very first business trip in my life, when I was 19 years old, so 15 years ago was to this lovely place. Lots has changed since then and lots stayed the same… And I was back here 2 years ago as part of my mini honeymoon together with my wife. Now back for the 4rd time. I just had a crazy drive in the evening through 2 meters of fresh snow, driving 200km from Zagreb to my hotel here in Ljubljana, so you can imagine that in this first night out I wasn’t planning on walking around the city for an easy dinner. I just was hungry and that was all.

Lucky for me there was a small Italian called Luigi in the same street as my hotel, so I went there.

It was the typical bad and local Pizzeria with the typical non Italian interior…

30-10-12 van alles wa 220

It smelled okay inside so I decided to stay.

30-10-12 van alles wa 22630-10-12 van alles wa 224

I was so hungry I ordered the biggest pizza they had on the menu, it was a Mexican one, which is totally against my principals. Because I think when you are in an Italian restaurant you should eat real Italian food. I don’t know what idiot started to put all crazy things on a pizza, it does not belong there….

And I should have followed my own rules, because it was a strange, and very heavy pizza !

30-10-12 van alles wa 227

Topped with bacon, salami, onions, mais, beans and cheese. Good for the hunger not for anything else. Not even to spend more words on this blog…

Just about the big farmer salad in the back, which was actually pretty good.


Food: 3 (with a bonus point for the salad included)

Staff: 4.5 (very nice but very slow as well)

Coziness: 2.5

Price: 7

Overall a score of 4,2 out of 10


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