Restaurant Arany Caviar Budapest (8,7 out of 10)

This famous Budapest restaurant was tipped to me by a friend, he said when you ever have the time to go, please GO !

So I asked my new friend Laszlo if he knew this restaurant, and of course he knew it (I think he knows every last one in Budapest….) he even was crazy enough to call the owner and ask for a table! Me so happy !


It looked fine from the very first second.

Seeing the menu at the wall outside, the water started dripping out of my mouth….

SAM_0948 SAM_0946

And it continued dripping on the inside….


The choise of the menu was just perfect! All good, some special, some strange but I would have loved it all.

The inside was a bit old, straight out of a Russian 1985 movie, with old interior and a waiter that looked like an old Russian maffia boss…. But still with such a menu, who cares?

SAM_0953 SAM_0961

They brought a good first Vodka of the day, together with a great amuse:


It was like a bombe au chocolat, but then made from chickenliver with pumpkin structures! Good taster and great with the Vodka. The I ordered Potato soup with smoked Styrgeon and it’s own eggs….which is pretty strange and sounds like a horror movie because it sounds like eating a mother and her babies too…. But it was good, nice smokey flavor, really creamy soup and well presented!

SAM_0955 SAM_0956 SAM_0957

I liked the 2 croutons as well, nice hollow and cracking crispy chip. Also the caviar inside gave it a mellow and delightful salty touch. Almost to bad I did not order more dishes…

After this great one, and some more Vodka, it was time for the one I was in love with from the first second I saw the menu: The Cognac flavored Black Angus Beef tartar with Caviar…..YUMMY !!! The picture just was perfect, cool dressing and plating, perfect menu and similar taste, combine this with some special Vodka and you will be happy for many hours…!!!

See for yourself:


I most go back for this one!

My 2 guests had a great dinner as well, with the real Beef Stroganoff made of Black Angus and a trout fillet with different types of beetroot:

SAM_0960 SAM_0959

And it looks just as it tasted, very good they told me.

Then it was time for a surprise, because we were done for this dinner we thought but the chef wanted us to taste something else as an dessert, and who are we to say no…?


SSOOOO Good, a dark chocolate ganache with a funny chewy structure of raspberries with a fig vanilla cream, fresh figs and a quenelle of forest fruit and small caramelised nutmix on the bottom for some extra structure. Beautiful plate, a real signature dish! Now I understand why he wanted to show us this.

Perfect finale of a perfect meal!

So my generous scores are:

Food: 9.7

Coziness: 7.4

Staff: 8.6

Price: 9


So a total score of: 8,7 out of 10





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