Restaurant Zona Budapest 9.4 out of 10


Chilled tomato soup with green apple, rhubarb 1600

Smoked monkfish carpaccio, bell pepper granita 2900
Pike perch, chervil root purée, shaggy ink cap 3200
Truffle polenta  2500
Hungarian black pudding, duck foie gras, thai mango 2900
Duck tongue, potato dumpling  2500
Goat leg, noodles with braised cabbage 4200

Cheese platter with fruit mustard 2500

Sour Cherry-Chocolate 1500
White chocolate mousse, pear1500
Homemade bread and olive oil  300

3 courses 3500  •   2 courses  2800

Beetroot soup
Rib- eye, pumpkin purée
Red tuna, chervil root purée, creamed potato
White chocolate mousse, pear

SAM_0942 SAM_0940 SAM_0939 SAM_0937 SAM_0935 SAM_0933 SAM_0932 SAM_0931 SAM_0928 SAM_0924 SAM_0921 SAM_0918 SAM_0916 SAM_0915 SAM_0913


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