Ciapetti, Mdina (6.9 out of 10)

Ciapetti in Mdina Malta

Traditional meals in traditional surroundings


What did I eat?

Chicken breast cooked in honey and orange with a hint of rosemary


Good / Bad points:

+ Mdina is just beautiful, so the setting is like in a movie

+ traditional restaurant and values

– very basic interior and chairs, which is okay for this theme but not so comfortable



food: 7 – just 1 dish so hard to judge, but it was okay.

coziness: 6.7 – traditional but not great

staff: 7 – I guess the owner, nothing special but again correct

price: 6.8 – fair price but I feel it’s more expensive because of the location


overall: 6.9 out of 10


SAM_1137 SAM_1142 SAM_1145 SAM_1146 SAM_1148


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