Rocco ST Julians Malta (7.5 out of 10)

Rocco Malta

Tourist place, Brittish – Maltese cuisine


What did I eat?

Tony Brasco chicken:

Chicken fillet filled with pistachio and gorgonzola, fresh green aspergus and drizzled with porcini infused oil (more the just a tourist trap maybe…)


Good / Bad points:

+ trendy place for anyone in the age of 15-25

+ surprising menu for such a place

– only young people so loud music, young waiters and quick service. (which I do not always mind since I am just 34…. 🙂 )



food: 7.5 – not so bad at all. original dish, fresh taste and good potatoes

coziness: 7.5 – trendy place, thought of everything. Not cozy but perfect for what they want to be

staff: 7.5 – quick and correct

price: 7.5 – just according to the area


Overall: 7.5, everything was just basic, good but average.


SAM_1125 SAM_1124 SAM_1123 SAM_1122


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