The Artist, Bucharest (9.4 out of 10)

The Artist Bucharest center

Great new restaurant, amazing techniques, flavors and menu. By far the best restaurant in Romania ! (and maybe even surrounding countries)


What did I eat:

Really too much to mention and too much to write down. I had a spoon tasting of his full menu (great concept !) and it included things such as

black summer truffle: cream – beignet – brioche – salted toffee – black truffle cream (YES !)

scallops: pistachio butter – grilled cauliflower – carrot curry – endive

cucumber sorbet: freeze dried rose petals – basil – mint – orange

And much much more, all unique and original.


Good / Bad points:

+ best menu ever !

+ interior up to date, look at the toilets even there you wanted to stay…

+ Great promising chef; Paul Oppenkamp

– staff was not according to the rest



food: my very first 10 out of 10 !!!!!!  Absolutely nothing to complain. Every spoon was a new bomb. This is foodpairing at it’s finest. every crumble, jelly, structure was perfect in harmony. Loved the dessert with all the aroma’s and just loved the full concept of the spoon tasting.

Coziness: 9.7 – very clean but still warm. Attention for detail and bonus points for the restrooms.

Staff: 8 – Correct, but like in any restaurant. No expertise on the dishes, background or wines. With a proper “sommelier” this place would be worth 2 michelin stars !!!

price: 10 – maybe not cheap for Romania, and even a fair price for dinner here. but for this quality of food he could charge double. Perfect price for such an experience !


Overall a great score of 9.4 out of 10 !



The toilets….


TSAM_1100 SAM_1098 SAM_1097

All beautiful mini creative taste bombs

SAM_1096 SAM_1095 SAM_1094 SAM_1092 SAM_1090 SAM_1086 SAM_1081

One of the best original dessert in my life, also for taste level

SAM_1079 SAM_1076 SAM_1075 SAM_1070 SAM_1069 SAM_1066 SAM_1065 SAM_1064 SAM_1063

The smoking Oyster, YUMMIE


And even attention for the oil to dip your bread in with special balsamic pearls…. very original

ASAM_1056 SAM_1052 SAM_1047


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