Restaurant Lebed Sofia (7.3 out of 10)

Lebed Sofia (15 miles out of the city !)

Bulgarian cuisine, higher level with traces of European influence.


What did I eat?

Spring roll of salmon and strawberry….. – trio of milk fed veal with a traditional “shopska”salad


Good / Bad points:

+ View – location – View ….. WOW !!

+ trendy and lounge feeling good atmosphere

– still Bulgarian so not the best menu or service

– did not feel invited to stay longer or have a night out, quick meal, quick payment and quickly back to the car



food: 6.2 – Good for Bulgarian standard, not for this location. Strawberry with salmon and cream was a mistake, YUK…. the main course was just as the picture which is hard to do, it actually tasted okay and the 3 sauces were all good but I still had the feeling everything came from a pot or package…

coziness: 9 – perfect surrounding, amazing view, very quiet, just beautiful

staff: 7 – very average, 5 man standing still for 3 guests… they were very quick, even to quick, had the feeling I had to leave within the hour

price: 7 – also very average, Bulgaria is cheap this was an okay price of around €28,- including drinks


Overall: 7.3 out of 10

SAM_2718 SAM_2717 SAM_2715 SAM_2712 SAM_2711 SAM_2709 SAM_2708 SAM_2705


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