Kommilfoo Antwerp (9.2 out of 10)

Kommilfoo Antwerp.


Higher class restaurant with 1 michelin star, French – Belgian cuisine.

Sorry that the pictures are backwards….


What did we eat?

Too much to mention…. 2 beautiful light fresh amuses, nicely grille langoustine tails with lavender cream aspergus and spring beans – coquilles with green aspargus – suckling calf 2 ways (sorry for not showing the delicious jus – strawberry fantasy with cotton candy, special white strawberry and many textures of strawberry (best dessert this year so far!)

And drink?

See for your self….


good / bad points:

+ great menu, unique and special, all looks to good!

+ in the center of Antwerp

+ staff is correct in every way

+ great wine collection

+ best way ever to end a dinner like this, with extra sweets and then extra chocolates and then fresh cookies from the oven, it just did not stop…. 100% perfect !!!

– without asking they served us the full range of accompanied wines, but we just ordered food, so a mistake? Or did they just guess right?

– Host Inger is very very nice and correct, but unfortunately she often looks unhappy or maybe tired, made us wonder if she enjoyed working…



food: 9.7 – so close to perfection, just the meat for me was a bit too far, could have been more succulent… but that dessert… !!! WOW !!!

coziness: 9.3 – everything correct, just a touch of color to make it more alive

staff: 8.9 – good stories about our wines, no mistakes seen, just the beginning with the wine and the expression of the host…

price: 9 – very honest price for this level of cooking


Overall: 9.2 out of 10

One of the best restaurants of this year so far!


SAM_2397 SAM_2396 SAM_2394 SAM_2392 SAM_2388 SAM_2387 SAM_2386 SAM_2382 SAM_2380 SAM_2378 SAM_2376 SAM_2374 SAM_2372 SAM_2371 SAM_2369 SAM_2367 SAM_2364 SAM_2361


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