Restaurant Bolci, Bolu

Yes I know, never do a lunch but this was in a place you do not come every day and I was invited by my customers so it equals a dinner.

This lunch restaurant normally is part of company Bolci which is specialized in sweets and pastry but this one has a full deal lunch restaurant as well. We started  with a small tomato soup, not so strong, very basic but nice, what made it interesting were some fresh croutons and melting cheese on the side. Tasting it together with some chopped olives it was a nice basic starter. As a main course I had a typical Turkish dish which is made of puff pastry filled with cheese and vegetables always a tasty treat just like now, with a small basic salad and frozen French fries, never good… make ‘em fresh or not at all… A bit fat again, but that fits me. My partner over here had the signature dish, which was not only plated very nice, also tasted very good.

SAM_1206 SAM_1204 SAM_1203 SAM_1200 SAM_1199

It were 2 steaks, the thin kind, nicely grilled and very soft, together with a curry type paste and an amazing mashed potato including cheese and softly grilled. Just look at it:


As a side dish there were wine leaves filled with rice, such as the Greek Dolmadaki and the best thing: A local dish made of fresh homemade pasta like linguini but with a special recipe which made it really soft, on top were caramelized walnuts grinded and mixed with a local cheese. Good combination and for me an unique side dish.

And what did we drink? The best drink in the world: Ayran, love this! Salty and fresh perfect for lunch! Finishing with some Turkish tea, good meal.


Staff: 7.1 (nice people but they forgot my main course….)

Food: 7.5 (just good honest food)

Coziness: 7 (normal, and extra points for the shining sun….)

Price: 9 (did not have to pay, but what I did see, it was sharp on the price!)


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