Restaurant Elements, Riga (9 out of 10)

Restaurant Elements part of the Tallink hotel in Riga      (not the best site)

Fusion between European and Baltic kitchen with strong personal influence of the head chef (Svetlana?!)


What did I eat?

Pan fried scallops and Suckling pig chop (see description down below) both great dishes!


A bottle of Riesling with the name Geil (what means horny in my language), it could not be bad…… 😉


Good / Bad points:

+ what a warm restaurant, perfect interior, good lighting, eye for detail

+ For Baltic area a very challenging and European / Scandinavian menu, a lot that I like!

+ well trained staff, they know what they do here!

– ???? no real bad points here



Food: 8.9 – Nice presentation and good filled plates. Surprising combinations, but also too much flavors. I prefer odd combinations but having 7 different tastes on 1 dish sometimes missed the harmony. Very good, but less would be more here at some times.

Coziness: 9.1 – The perfect chairs for a night out, warm lighting and attention for detail. However you do still see that you are in a hotel.

Staff: 9 – close to perfection, having wine knowledge, menu and ingredient knowledge, just a few years and they are worth a full 10

price – 9.1 Once again honest prices, for this meal and this service, they earned a great tip.


Overall: 9 out of 10



SAM_1305 SAM_1306 SAM_1308 SAM_1313 SAM_1315 SAM_1316 SAM_1318 SAM_1320 SAM_1323



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