restaurant Oost, Utrecht (8.2 out of 10)

Restaurant Oost Utrecht

Dutch – French Bistro kitchen


What did I eat:

steak tartare – Angus steak – crispy open apple pie


Good / Bad points:

+ like eating in your livingroom, cozy concept

+ real Dutch prices, very low, for good quality food

– a bit disorganized at times…



Food: 7.8 – good cook, great meals for this price

Coziness: 8.2 – like eating at home

Staff: 7.7 – friendly, funny, cozy but clumsy…

Price: 9 – typical low Dutch restaurant price on this level


Overall: 8.2 out of 10




SAM_1222 SAM_1226 SAM_1227 SAM_1228 SAM_1229 SAM_1233 SAM_1234


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