Munchies restaurant Malta 7.9 out of 10


What did we eat?

Antipasti – Lobster ravioli – pike perch fillet – plaice rolls with bacon – sea food platter – plum%apricot pie


Good / bad points

+ one of the best locations of Malta for sure!

+ seafood night was a nice initiative (and it forced me eating only fish…;-)

+ live music, and not the annoying kind…

– very noisy / loud interior, no privacy feeling


general points:

food: 8.2 all fish was fresh but because of the amount of people and the quick service it felt a bit like machine work…. instead of a personal cooked meal. And a full point deduction for the dessert, which was so simple and dry. But nice menu with only fish on this fish night

coziness: 10 from the outside and surrounding, but 6 for the basic interior and massive feeling inside, so total of 8

staff: 7.5 correct but nothing special

price: 7.7 lower then I expected because of the 2-choise menu, but still quite expensive, but they did not let me pay, so all okay for me 🙂

Overall: 7.9 out of 10




SAM_2570 SAM_2569 SAM_2568 SAM_2567 SAM_2566 SAM_2565 SAM_2564 SAM_2563 SAM_2562 SAM_2561 SAM_2560


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