Restaurant Commando Mellieha Malta 8.3 out of 10


What did we eat?

Ravioli – breaded fresh gozo cheeslets (with yummy tomato marmalade!) – small roasted milk-veal steak….. – herb crusted rack of lamb – home made Mqaret


a very nice Domaine Millet Sancerre of 2011


Good / bad points:

+ Lovely redesigned old house, very nice interior

+ nice exclusive feeling

+ the wine list

– ugly cold and terrible airco….

general points:

food: 9.1 overall very good, his tomato chutney was almost as perfect as my own! (;-)) very nice ravioli, but the inside was just to dry for me, prefer more moist…. The little veal steak (I think it was the full animal on my plate) was very good, tasteful great crust with pine-nut & Parmesan crust, just 2 minutes too far… The lamb was cooked to perfection and so much flesh still on the bone, perfect! And the dessert, my very first Mqaret experience was perfect! Nice taste of dates and dough, sweet but good!

coziness: 9.2 cozy, warm and a bit of a medieval feeling

staff: 7.8 very young and unexperienced staff and for me together with this quality of food you need more experienced staff or a “maitre”

price: 7.1 to be honest, you pay the same in Belgium but over there it is too expensive for me as well… I believe 10-15% less would be more fitting.


total of  8.3 out of 10


SAM_2635 SAM_2634 SAM_2633 SAM_2632 SAM_2631 SAM_2630 SAM_2626 SAM_2625 SAM_2624 commando_22


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