Restaurant Pywhurok Kiev (8,8 out of 10)

No website, just outside the centre at Nywkihcbka 25, tel. 096-62-65-222

The restaurant meaning special and traditional table cloth….


What did we eat?

Or better, what not…. Dried meat selection – lard selection – herring with union – potatoes – grilled meat – stew – 3 types of dumplings with cherries, goats cheese and mushrooms


VODKA (Nemiroff Lex, one of my favorites)


Good / Bad points:

+ loved our waitress Anastasia, so helpful, but everybody else as well, great team!

+ overall food quality was great, so pure

+ the theme and ambiance matched all expectations

– no choice besides traditional foods

– dumplings were to sticky for me, could have done with more filling


Overall points:

Food: 9 (maybe simple food, but it was all tasting just fine!)

Coziness: 7.8 (all in style, not so much comfort)

Staff: 9.8 (humble, fast, clear and nice, just perfect!)

price: 8.5 (85 euro for 3 people including the Vodka….)


SAM_2738 SAM_2737 SAM_2736 SAM_2740 SAM_2741 SAM_2743 SAM_2742 SAM_2747 SAM_2745


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