Restaurant WHHok Kiev (7.4 out of 10)



What did we eat?

Same as the day before, all traditional meat cuts together with some tapenade (great horseradish!) and simple beetroot salad.


Wodka, what else…. And see the menu below…. the had every Wodka, including Wodka with garlic….


Good / bad points;

+ nice surrounding

+ live music of high quality

+ good warm welcome

– less quality of food then the other one….


Overall points:

Food: 7.5 (just average)

Coziness: 7.3 (traditional not bad at all but very massive)

Staff: (6.8 very basic, not all that good but correct)

Price: 8.2 (90 euro for the 3 of us but with less food, still including the Wodka a good price)


SAM_2752 SAM_2754 SAM_2758 SAM_2759 SAM_2761 SAM_2760


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