Restaurant SEYF (CENO) Kiev (7.8 out of 10)

Funny enough the second time I was at this restaurant, pure by coincidence!


What did we eat?

Lamb fillet with grilled vegetables, potatoes and honey thyme jus – lamb rack with a red wine reduction – big cut of porc shoulder

Dessert: Pistachio chocolate pie


Again a small bottle of Vodka…


Good / Bad:

+ one of the most trendy restaurants in town!

+ big choice of food from 3 different restaurants under 1 roof

+ very quick and correct staff

– pretty expensive…

– a lot of smoking people with Shi-Sha, Cigars and cigarettes, all inside….



Food: 7.9 (my lamb was good, as was the sauce / jus, but why put coriander on this dish?, dessert was good, they said it was home0made but I have my doubt…. but taste and look was good!)

Coziness: 8.7 (very nice venue, many special places to sit)

Staff: 8 (good and correct, almost robots….which I do not like)

Price: 6.5 (compared to the rest of Kiev 200 euro for 4 people is a lot!)


SAM_2723 SAM_2721 SAM_2720 SAM_2724 SAM_2725 SAM_2726 SAM_2728 SAM_2729



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