Restaurant Beppe’s Gozo (Malta) 8.8 out of 10

What did I eat? (lunch but good enough to mention…)

Beatiful filled fresh figs with blue cheese, just look at them!

And then the catch of the day, If I’m not mistaking a full sea bass with fresh vegetables, so fresh, yummie!


Good / bad points

+ you can feel the passion in the food, great chef with much potential

+ nice place with a bay view

+ great mixed menu with some classics as well as daily fresh and surprising dishes

– I am not a big fan of the toilet next to the bar, it makes you very “self conscious”



Food: 9.3 very fresh honest and passionate food, if I can make a few small remarks, I would make the figs with 3 sorts of blue cheese or some other small variation, now it is a tasteful but also monotone dish. For the main dish the fish and vegetables were perfect but personally I am not a fan of putting such a delicate fish on these rough potatoes, it steals the light from the fish…. I prefer a soft puree or something else more smooth.

Coziness: 8.8 Inside is better “dressed” then outside but overall a very classy place!

Staff: 8.9 Well above average, correct nice and helpful. For me on this level I do prefer some extra explanation about what we are drinking, where it comes from etc.

Price: 8 Not the cheapest in Gozo / Malta but then again I think it is one of the top 5 restaurants of the 2 Islands so It is okay to pay a bit more. For this quality more then reasonably prised.


Overall points:


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