Restaurant Umami Antwerp (8.1 out of 10)


Restaurant Umami Antwerp, typical Asian fusion kitchen, with many new elements and surprises combined with traditional dishes.

What did we eat?

Everything…. 🙂 Grilled Tuna, braised porc saté, fried rice, beautiful mushroom broth with dumplings, sushi, shrimps in katafi dough, wagyu carpaccio and some unique refreshing cocktails.

Good / Bad points:

+ Crazy strong concept and atmosphere

+ Good combo of classic and new “cuisine”

+ amazing new cocktails with cucumber and wasabi

– So massive, I guess around 180+ couverts…..

– prices are very high, even for Antwerp.


Food: 8.9 –  Not much to say here, very strong flavors, nice surprising food, only the carpaccio was too cold…

Coziness: 9.1  – 10 for atmosphere and decoration only so many people takes away the unique feeling of a night out, way too crowded!

Staff: 7.5 – average, lots of students, correct, well trained but no personal touch at all.

price: 7 – on the high side, okay we ate a lot, but still €36,- for a basic Chardonnay is too much, total around €125,- for 2 is expensive.

Total: 8.1 out of 10

SAM_1008 SAM_1009 SAM_1012 SAM_1014 SAM_1015 SAM_1016 SAM_1017 SAM_1018


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