Hlinene Basta, Prague (7.4 out of 10)

Restaurant Hlinene Basta Prague, no website available… Find it on google….

Typical Czech kitchen, just look at the menu with stuffed goose or goatling….. etc.

What did I eat then?

Stuffed Avocado with prawns and special hot sauce…..topped with whipped cream and unbaked toast…hahaha just call it bread then, I would say….

Then grilled monk-fish with a Parmesan crust and arborio rice with some grilled veggies, very tasty! Great vegetables, good cheese crust well baked fish, all okay!

Drinks? yes, beer….Belgian beer….do not ask me why, but my host wanted me to drink Stella Artois…. while I am in the land where they invented beer, they want me to drink my own bad Belgian beer….pffff

Good / Bad points?

+ playing good music in the back, original

+ a very versatile menu with influence and options from all over the world

+ great hot cocktail sauce on the prawns !

+ /- Local and original interior, however very mixed, so I cannot decide if I really liked it

– Belgian beers, really???!!!

– Dead lobsters waiting at the entrance, ready to be served….not many people ordering them I hope

– Whipped cream, sweetened, on avocado, wow

– And a last bad point, you can not call toast toast when it is not toasted…..then it is called bread….



Food: 7.4 – average, okay, tasteful, original and so much options, everybody will eat okay over here.

Coziness: 7.4 – just as the rest, okay, nice and average

Staff: 7.4 – I see a pattern…. all basic, local traditional clothing, nice, nothing special

price: 7.4 – Hahaha, just as the rest, no complaints, expensive for Prague, cheap for Antwerp….


Overall: 7.4


SAM_3198 SAM_3199 SAM_3200 SAM_3202 SAM_3203 SAM_3205


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