46e Parallele St. Gilles Croix de vie (7.9 out of 10)

Being on a tour through France, making a stopover in this charming village near the sea. This little restaurant catches my eye, so let’s see what the have to offer?


It is a typical French cuisine with a very modern twist, nice plating and original dishes!

What did we eat here….?

A small and very disgusting “amuse bouche” made of crab-cake and sweet chili sauce, Oh my god, how terrible in taste and structure….. Then came a much better Cod fish with seasonal greens and a very nice sauce out of cherry tomatoes and basil.

To finish a marvelous fig pie with menthol Ice cream

As wine we had a great 2009 Savennieres and as a starter the unknown Pastis of Berger Blanc, very tasty !!

Good / Bad points:

+ Very trendy and unFrench like business, I love it when they try to do something else

+ Beautiful terrace and vision out over sea

+ Nice plating, very original and modern

+ open minded service, very playful and funny

– We had to pour our own wine…. not so helpful

– Terrible starters, yuk !

– I was not a big fan of the “cuisson” of the fish, just to raw or me


Food: 7.2 – difficult to judge, some very good and some very bad

Coziness: 9 – great view, modern seats and roomy inside, so very good

Staff: 9 – Would have been a 10 if the were more helpful on the wine. On all other parts very good

Price: 6.5 – Typical French prizes….. including wine €60,- p.p.

Overall: 7.9 out of 10

SAM_2769 SAM_2770 SAM_2771 SAM_2772 SAM_2773 SAM_2775 SAM_2776 SAM_2777 SAM_2780 SAM_2781


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