Lysia, Larnaca Cyprus

Restaurant Lysia, Dhekkelia road, 4 Ammochostou, Larnaca Cyprus

Fun story for me, because on my very first trip ever to Cyprus, about 5 years ago I went to this restaurant with my wife> I remember the good traditional food and then made myself a promise to come back here one day. Now writing this blog and also being in the same area of Cyprus, you can imagine I need to go back !!!

So what did I eat this night? (and yes, I did order this all…..alone…..)

Grilled Halloumi (you cannot visit Cyprus without eating this dish….). I had grilled Feta as well…. the homemade specialty Stifado and the 1 dish I remembered, grilled veggies with a cheesy crust….yummie !! And of course as a wine just 1 option, the Greek Retsina by Kourtaki…!!!

Good /Bad points:

+ No tourist trap or sleazy salesmen on the street, even being close to the big hotels.

+ Real authentic food with homemade meals

–  The menu is a bit simple and misses inspiration

– The grilled cheese both could be better grilled, just a little longer and browner would be better…

– The service was correct, but as in most foreign countries way, way to fast. No time to enjoy the weather or meal in this tempo…

Scoring points:

Food: 7.4 – average, traditional, correct but I rememebered better form the first time….

Coziness: 6.5 – in style, hard chairs, close to the road, but I can have it here.

staff: 8 – very warm people, very quick, good english, helpful, only so damn quick…..

Price: 7.3 – Local price, but Cyprus is expensive, so to much for this food, good price for this location….

Overall: 7.3 which sums it up, not bad, not great, just good and average

SAM_3338 SAM_3340 SAM_3342 SAM_3343 SAM_3345



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