Trattoria Del Liberale Genova (8.7 out of 10)

It has been long, very very long since my last post. Due to being busy creating my own (food) company (what else….) I had to get my priorities straight, so I am very sorry for the 3 readers that actually read this blog on a regular base…

Let me quickly tell you about this great restaurant, Dell Liberale, high in the hills of Genova. I was really looking for a special treat for my last day in this area, no standard seafood – boulevard placed – tourist trap risk kind of restaurant, if you know what I mean, just wanted something for the locals where they only speak Italian and foreigners are treated like aliens…. And we found it:

del trattoria view tratt front tratt inside

What did we eat?

Tagliata con crema gorgonzola (beef with blue cheese sauce), pansoti con salsa di nocci (pasta with walnut sauce) as a main course, we started of course with some traditional antipasti !!! containing zucchini flowers, goats cheese, insalata and potato quiche.

As a wine we had a nice Barbera d’asti, La vigna Vecchia 2010

SAM_3932 SAM_3935 SAM_3937 SAM_3940 SAM_3941


And some sweets as a dessert as well….

Good / Bad points

+ So cozy and local, like a hunters cabin…

+ Traditional and seasonal food

+ friendly owners!

– Impossible to find, dangerous roads (which I honestly like, when it was easy there would be tourists…)



Food 9 out of 10: Overall real Italian flavors and such simple, pure and honest dishes. Loved the sweet and bitter walnut sauce, also the great presentation of the beef tagliata as well as the quality was perfect! If I had to complain then it would be just some small parts of the antipasti that wasn’t my taste, to spicy for my understanding of Italian food.

Coziness 8.5 out of 10: Typical hunters cabin feel, smelled funny, looked dusty and the wooden chairs sit terrible, just as it should be ! 🙂

Staff 9 out of 10: No restaurant quality, just super local friendly people who tried to speak 2 words of english, but our Italian was way better. They even gave us complimentary grappa and a very unique home-made chocolate grappa ! So kind and correct!

Price 8 out of 10: just a very fair price, totalled around €70 which is okay for this food, expected it a bit less for the remote location, but still fair!


Overall a 8.7 out of 10


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