Restaurant Noyan Tun Yerevan 7.8 out of 10

My very first trip to beautiful Armenia, of course going to the capital of Yerevan. Being here on business, unfortunately I had just 1 day to experience all culinary challenges of this country…. but luckily I was driving so I could stop sometimes in the smaller villages as well. I stopped at a local market and had some real street-food, similar to the Balkan Cevapcici, a skewer with minced meat in a flatbread with onions and cilantro, just yummie!

20161108_123905 20161108_124131 20161108_124246 20161108_124549

Ok, maybe food health and food safety are not on the highest point with meat laying out in the open sun on the trunk of a car, but when you know me, you know I just don’t care!

Had a small lunch as well at restaurant Wine Republic, good international menu, some very good local and international wines and for me a basic but very nice salad of breaded perch (fish) with beetroot and greens. Tasty and the perfect light lunch.

20161107_143845 20161107_144730

And in the evening I had the luck of being taken out by my dear friends to an international restaurant: Noyan Tun. Operated by a French chef that takes local ingredients and combines them with European products and in this way he makes a perfect fusion of Armenian-French cuisine.

The restaurant is located in the cellar of a wine shop and should look authentic (maybe it is?) but it is built in such a way it more felt like a fake built old cellar instead of being one, do you understand what I mean?


What did I eat & drink?

  • Different small appetizers, local snacks made out of puff pastry
  • Beautiful mixed grilled vegetables, so tasty
  • French and local cheese platter (the French are just too simple, but we are spoiled….)
  • Different types of bread and dough products with 3 types of local “tapenade”, like in the Libyan cuisine. (chick peas&garlic)
  • Seabass sautéed with tartare sauce and cashew&pistache nuts and extra lemon&carrot confit.
  • All together with a great round red wine called Karasi, a real reccomendation!

20161107_192250 20161107_192654 20161107_192717 20161107_192925 20161107_200430

Some good/bad points:

+++ Live piano and live singing by one of the waiters made me feel like being in Paris or New York

+++ A very strong international focus

+++ Beautiful local wine range

—– I often feel rushed in a lot of international restaurants, they just give a perfect and quick service, but for me personal I like to take things slower…. but it is not a real remark 🙂



Food: Most of it was very good and had strong developed tastes, however the cheese was a bit too cold and for me too simple, The seabass was just 1 or 2 minutes over being perfect, at the other hand it had the most perfect and delicious crispy skin! I missed the tartare sauce but that was compensated by sweet and simply perfect carrots “confit”. 7.5 out of 10

Coziness: Very private feeling, good seats, perfect music, nice surrounding with traditional and modern styles combined. The only small remark is that it felt made-up, like fabricated scene, I do not know why, probably it’s me…. 8.5 out of 10

Staff: So friendly and helpful, speaking close to perfect English, just good help! 8 out of 10

Price: I did not have to pay, like always on my business travel…. but I did see the prices and it reasonable priced for Western-Europe. I can imagine that for locals, with an average salary of €300 a month it would be to high. On average a €35,- p.p. is needed here. 7.1 out of 10


Overall another wonderful score of 7.8 out of 10




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