Stara Ada Banja Luka (BH) no score

Also on this trip and the reason I got so fucking fat….. I went the next day to another great local restaurant:

Had a real stomach filling lunch over here as well. But I did not score or write anything down.

I can recommend this place when you like to have the perfect outside dining area with great views on the river and a decent local meal that will fill you up for the next 3 days….:-) And having such a nice company at lunch, I will remember this one as well (not a 7/1 ratio, but just a 2/1 ratio woman/man….:-))

Just a nice local place as a part of my travel legacy and surely worth a visit.

20160902_141122 20160902_141131 20160902_143157 20160902_143213 20160902_151124


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