Allo Allo Belgrade, Serbia (7.6 out of 10)

Yes this is the name of the restaurant, and YES with a reason.

Since I am arrogant enough to ask my customers to take me to some special place (only special restaurants I mean…..;-)) They often come up with special little gems, just like this one. All of the restaurant was in style of the famous TV hit series Allo Allo. (Listen carefully, I will only say this once…..hahaha, priceless!)

What a funny and cozy restaurant this was, big menu (again…) and a lot of choices to make, luckily my friends helped me and picked me my dish, but first some photo’s as an impression:

20160831_185639 20160831_185649 20160831_185707 20160831_190559 20160831_192602 20160831_194347 20160831_194447 20160831_200101 20160831_200107

Last time in Serbia I was complaining about my weight and my diet, these days are surely gone…. Enjoyed the local beer, even enjoyed the local Slivovec / Slivowitz / Rakia, pear distillate!

What did I eat? Heavy bread-rolls with creamy butter and pasta filled with Turkey in a cream sauce.

Good/Bad points:

+++ What a great collection of memorabilia, love the way they decorated this joint!

+++ Good menu, many options

+++ Loved the range of local drinks

—– Parking is not so easy

—– Food quality should be higher for this type of concept



Food: I did not choose myself, but the pasta lacked a lot of things, salt, Parmesan cheese, maybe some tomato or veggies, it tasted as it looked. Not bad at all, do not get me wrong, it was pretty good even, but less on the plate, better presentation and complexity in  taste is recommended. Looking at the plate next to me, next time it will be the stuffed cheese turkey and bacon for sure! 6.6 out of 10

Coziness: No real remarks here, fun surrounding, pub style, eye for detail, solid 8 out of 10

Staff: Did not see much staff, just a barkeeper and someone from the kitchen bringing the plates? Still no remarks, just good, nothing extra nothing disturbing as well. solid 8 out of 10 again

Price: Again I could not pay the bill…. looking at the menu, maybe a bit higher than other local restaurants? Not sure there since it is all very cheap to Western standards! Very reasonable, let’s make it another 8 out of 10.

Overall: a correct 7.6 out of 10





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