Wein & Dine Köln 7.5 out of 10

Just another quick review while passing the beautiful city of Köln, or Cologne, or Keulen or whatever…. was there again during the big ISM fair. And while all salespeople go the same way, into the city….I like to go exactly the other way, outside the city. Because as we all know….tourist food is in the centre, the best is in the ring or outside…. http://www.wein-dine.de

So with a company of 6 that all trusted my judgement we went here, and they said they were not sorry. For me of course…. I’m a bit more of a critic…..

First surprise was to see that this good quality of restaurant with these prices was empty…. during one of the biggest fairs of the year! Not because of the food, just that people have to go 3km outside of the city centre…. so that is why they deserve a place on my website!

What did I eat & drink?

  • Started with a lovely Vermouth – Tonic (first time, must remember this)
  • Braised pig’s belly (pork)
  • Lams saddle with green cabbage, pomegranate and mustard…
  • Choco hazelnut bomb!


20170129_201312 20170129_215857 20170129_210959 20170129_203637

Good / Bad points:

+++ Friendly waiter

+++ Cosy restaurant

+++ For German understanding a nice menu

—— 2 times the wine I ordered was “out of stock”

—— Not as professional as you’d expect

—— Why so empty? No business men? No marketing, a shame….



Food: Let me describe it as: He tries! But that says it all… yes it was good, no it was not perfect. Dressing a plate doesn’t automatically mean it has a balanced taste. It all tasted okay and for the rest of the table it was perfect, but I’m too critic. It lacked mostly acidity in every dish. Flavours were there, but should be brought to the next level… De pork belly was nice and tender, but all too German… Main course same story, too simple, missed complexity….dessert? Can’t go wrong with chocolate and hazelnuts… (6.9 out of 10)

Cosiness: Very nice, looking outside from every angle, open kitchen, perfect lighting. Bar + restaurant combined, high potential on that part! Maybe just the chairs were a bit too hard for my boney ass… since I lost so much weight, I need pillowed chairs 🙂 (8.6 out of 10)

Staff: Very friendly in every language we tried 🙂 helpful and quick but missing the experience and know how that this menu requires. The chef is of a higher professional level than the waiter is. Not knowing your wines, looking for hours for the correct bottle. What etiquette is expected etc…. Overall nice and friendly but what is their identity? (7 out of 10)

Price: High for German standard, low for my standard 🙂 I think it was a fair price. Paid €442,- for 6 people 3 and 4 course including a lot of drinks like Limoncello, Grappa, wine, Vermuth etc. (7.5 of 10)


Overall a regular score for a good restaurant that I will recommend and I believe you should follow if they can survive…. (what I’m afraid of…) 7.5 out of 10 !




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