Nolet’s Vistro Yerseke Netherlands (short review) Score $$

As explained on the new home page, there is a big change in my reviews! No longer the long stories but mostly quick reviews, just the exceptional places will get my full attention and a full review, otherwise I will have to quit my day job because I visit more restaurants than I can write about (lucky me!)

So the new rules are very simple:

$ = Not worth coming back in my personal opinion or maybe just overpriced or unlucky service….

$$ = Enjoyed it, would come back if I was in the neighbourhood, but not worth making any detour…..not special enough to remember but good average food for sure.

$$$ = Fuck me, wake me up in the middle of the night to go here again, or at least good enough to really recommend.


Great name, trendy place beautiful staged:

The menu of just 38 euro I can recommend, however the opening soup was fishy water….very blend, the seafood platter alone was worth the money. Also the simple but fresh dessert of red fruit soup was tasty and fresh to finish.

I had 6 oysters grilled with cheese and garlic, 27 euro was very overpriced, taste was perfect but than again, cover anything in garlic and cheese and grill it…. main was the “sole meuniere” my favourite classic fish dish. Cooked perfect nice fat fish, but at 38 euro again not so cheap…

Topped it off with a nice and fresh white wine also a classic, Pouilly Fume. and again good but 42 euro is overpriced in my opinion.

So ate good food, had good service and I can recommend it, but for that money I can visit some 1* restaurants as well…. I will leave it up to you 🙂


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